Perfeito | About
Perfeito's artistic and one of a kind furniture collection comes to life based on creator Mario Medeiros' design inspiration. His motivated desire to produce completely unique creations sprung to life since childhood, always carrying a passion for building and putting things together. Often being on the move, Mario began fine-tuning his multi-faceted skills and harvesting unique ideas as a result of his early exposure to various lifestyles and cultures.

Perfeito is a custom furniture and metal fabrication studio located in the greater Toronto area. We take great pride in producing original high-end custom furniture and fixtures for commercial businesses and homes. Our expertise has brought us to collaborate on producing display fixtures for retailers such as Home Depot, Rona, Lowes and also high-end automobile dealerships and showrooms. In addition, Perfeito has produced timeless furniture pieces for hotels, resorts and upscale restaurants locally and abroad as well as numerous muti-million dollar homes and residential properties across the city.

Perfeitos premium quality furniture is custom fabricated in Canada for designers, architects and homeowners with a taste in unique and inspiring living spaces.